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Habitat Harmony, Inc. is looking for individuals who would like to serve on our Board of Directors. Habitat Harmony is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation founded upon the recognition of the inherent value of the natural world.  Our mission is to assist humans to live in harmony with wildlife. Learn more about our programs.

This goal is reflected in the following activity areas:  education; public policy advocacy; habitat improvement and preservation; and relocation and alternative care for displaced wildlife.  Our focus has been the prairie ecosystem of northern Arizona, with much of our resources devoted to protecting prairie dogs.

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors meets four times annually. We set direction for the organization, conduct research, raise funds, lead and assist with wildlife relocations, provide public and school education programs, conduct community outreach, participate in public decision-making processes that affect wildlife, and, until staff is hired, conduct all administrative work for the organization.

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About Our Board

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Our all-volunteer Board of Directors meets four times a year. We set direction for the organization, conduct research, raise funds, lead and assist with wildlife relocations, provide public and school education programs, conduct community outreach, participate in public decision-making processes that affect wildlife, and, until staff is hired, conduct all administrative work for the organization.

It is our policy to seek consensus, and to build cooperative relationships. It is our goal to pursue our mission in a manner that promotes a sense of community. We believe that greater good may be accomplished by a respectful approach to issues.

We are currently working towards raising funds for a part-time staff person to take on some of the organizational responsibilities. If you would like to make a donation to help out, please click the "P" with the owl sitting on top of it on the right of the page.

Tish Bogan-Ozmun

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Vice President - Tish Bogan-Ozmun is a founding director of Habitat Harmony Inc. She has served as secretary of the board as well as president. After moving to Flagstaff in 1974 with her family, she got her real estate license in 1976. She sold real estate for 31 years in the Flagstaff area. Her degrees are in English and Philosophy. Tish served on the Board of Directors of Friend of Flagstaff’s Future and was instrumental in the creation of the Shared Earth Network, a city-wide faith based network for environmental advocacy. She is committed to the preservation of wildlife and open spaces and advocates for them passionately.

Jean Myers

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Treasurer - Jean Myers grew up with an empathy for animals that no one around her shared. She was born to do animal work. She moved to Flagstaff in 1995. Shortly thereafter she joined the Pet Assistance League and served as Secretary-Treasurer for three years. She also joined a chapter of EarthSave and was a member of the core group. In 1998 she joined the newly created Animal Defense League of Arizona and stayed on through October 2010 as the Northern Arizona Representative.

Her other activities include the Shared Earth Network and Paw Placement. Jean is delighted to have the opportunity to serve on the Habitat Harmony board.

Dr. Erika Nowak

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Secretary - Dr. Erika Nowak earned a B.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell University in 1991, a M.S. in Biology from Northern Arizona University in 1998, examining the effects and effectiveness of rattlesnake relocation, and a Ph.D. in Biology from NAU in 2009, on the ecological roles and management responses of venomous predators in national parks.

Erika currently works in Flagstaff, Arizona as a Herpetologist at the USGS Colorado Plateau Research Station and part-time lecturer at Northern Arizona University. Erika is known for her work with declining garter snakes and for her safe rattlesnake handling trainings for state, federal, and local agencies and private groups, which encourage safe and humane handling and management of venomous snakes. Erika is passionate about using the results of scientific research to teach people to live in harmony with venomous predators and other wildlife.

Emily Renn

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Emily (Nelson) Renn is the Executive Director for the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project, a non-profit organization working to return wolves to their historic range in the Grand Canyon region. She completed her M.S. degree at Northern Arizona University in Biology with a focus on wildlife conservation biology, and B.S. in Biology with emphasis in Fish and Wildlife Management. Her graduate research focused on the survival success of translocated Gunnison's prairie dogs in the Flagstaff area, and she continues to coordinate prairie dog translocations for colonies threatened by development or destruction with Habitat Harmony. Over the past 14 years, Emily has worked as a field biological technician, researcher, and environmental educator with many species of mammals and birds in northern Arizona. She started as a volunteer with Habitat Harmony, Inc. in 2003 during the Flagstaff Mall's expansion site prairie dog relocation. Emily strongly supports Habitat Harmony's role in being an advocate and providing a voice to the "under dogs" of our wildlife neighbors.

Sherry Golden

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Sherry Golden is recently retired from legal practice specializing in nonprofit representation. She is involved with environmental issues in her new community in Oklahoma City where she has started a community garden. Sherry was part of the group that founded Habitat Harmony, Inc. in 2000. She believes in the intrinsic value of the natural world and the connectedness of all creatures. Sherry sees the work of Habitat Harmony as vital to these values and will continue to contribute in her new capacity as “long distance Board member”!

Roger Joos

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Roger JoosRoger Joos grew up in Tucson, AZ and earned a B.S. in Wildlife Science from the University of Arizona in 2002. Immediately after graduation he started working with USDA Wildlife Services investigating non-lethal management techniques on North American Beaver. In 2006 he began working with USDA Forest Service on the Kaibab National Forest.

His work with the Forest Service is centered on restoring habitat for sensitive species including Mexican spotted owl, northern goshawk, American Pronghorn antelope, and Gunnison’s prairie dog. He is especially passionate about wetland restoration and grassland restoration.

Prairie Dog Life

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Nursing Chamber

A mother keeps her young pups safe while the other Prairie Dogs investigate the snake.

Entering the Burrow

A prairie dog hears an emergency cry of "snake" and goes to investigate.

Listening chamber

A prairie dog sits listening just beneath the surface of the ground.

The Rattlesnake

The rattlesnake found a prairie dog burrow to sleep in but has been discovered by the prairie dogs.

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