2018 Rt 66 & 4th St. Translocation

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Local developer, Karan Patel, loves animals and decided to save this large colony from near certain death during construction by moving them to a new home. Although not legally required to do so, Patel and his business partners made a commitment to do what’s right for these adorable native residents and willingly covered the majority of the costs of the translocation, with assistance from local donors, volunteers, Arizona Game and Fish, and Petrified Forest National Park, the colony’s new home. Habitat Harmony conducted the translocation in July 2018 at the corner of Route 66 and 4th Street in Flagstaff and successfully captured 105 prairie dogs from the property before it is scheduled for development.

2016 HWY 89 & Copeland Ave. Translocation

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In August 2016, a total of 50 prairie dogs were captured and translocated from the property at the corner of Highway 89 and Copeland Ave before the construction of the future Timberline Firearms and Training business and released into Petrified Forest National Park.

2013 Country Club Translocation

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Releasing Prairie Dogs into new home

In July and August 2013, Habitat Harmony worked with Vintage Partners to translocate 70 Gunnison’s prairie dogs from the corner property at Country Club and Interstate 40 in Flagstaff to new homes on Babbitt Ranches.

In addition to the 43 field days and many hours of daily work by the relocation coordinator, five field technicians, and our volunteer coordinator on the project, Habitat Harmony oversaw 42 volunteers whom contributed approximately 360 hours over the course of 36 volunteer field days to assist with this relocation effort. Volunteers included two AZGFD interns, three Kaibab National Forest interns and a wildlife biologist for the Kaibab National Forest from Williams, as well as many individual community members interested in the welfare of the prairie dogs.

2011 APS Renewable Energy Site Prairie Dog Relocation

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aps-relocation-0Habitat Harmony was contacted by EN3, Professionals, LLC and APS to help manage a colony of Gunnison's prairie dogs living on a 10 acre site designated for a new renewable energy site in Doney Park.

Through humane trapping and relocation techniques, we attempted to remove as many of the prairie dogs living on the site as possible before construction work and ground grading began.

An abandoned prairie dog colony with pre-existing burrows located far away from development was selected as the release site for the displaced prairie dogs and permission was obtained from the land owner and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

2007 Translocation

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2007 100 7458In 2007 the City of Flagstaff built a new fire station on Highway 180 next to the building where the Grand Canyon Trust is housed. The City agreed that Habitat Harmony could capture and translocate prairie dogs at this site prior to development. Both the trapping and the sidsing methods of capture were used. It was during this project that two prairie dogs pups were captured without their mothers. Being too young to release, these two were kept and became our prairie dog ambassadors. 16 prairie dogs were released at the same Game & Fish facility as were the 2005 prairie dogs, and Habitat Harmony has been monitoring their progress.

A Message to Humans

"I used to be a city fellow.  I grew up with the city noises of cars and trains and machines and humans.  My family lived close to downtown Flagstaff not far from the railroad tracks along Route 66.  What a busy, frightening place it was."
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Prairie Dog Life

Click on the burrow images to find out more.

Nursing Chamber

A mother keeps her young pups safe while the other Prairie Dogs investigate the snake.

Entering the Burrow

A prairie dog hears an emergency cry of "snake" and goes to investigate.

Listening chamber

A prairie dog sits listening just beneath the surface of the ground.

The Rattlesnake

The rattlesnake found a prairie dog burrow to sleep in but has been discovered by the prairie dogs.

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