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Gunnison’s prairie dog (Cynomys gunnisoni)—a native to the Four Corners region—is a keystone species whose burrowing and feeding habits keep prairie grasses healthy and help rainwater infiltrate deeply into the soil. Prairie dog burrows provide shelter for other species like burrowing owls, small mammals, snakes, lizards, and invertebrates. Prairie dogs are an important food source for many animals including hawks and the endangered black-footed ferret. Despite all their benefits, their burrowing and foraging can be, or perceived to be, incompatible with certain human land uses.

Habitat Harmony, Inc., with a grant from the AZGFD Heritage Fund and support from the City of Flagstaff, has produced a handbook to help those of us in Northern Arizona deal with unwanted prairie dogs in a way that does not require killing or handling of them. If you are having issues or are planning to develop land that currently is home to prairie dogs we urge you to contact us for a paper copy of the handbook or click the button below to learn more and download a digital version of the handbook.


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A Letter to the Friends of Habitat Harmony


We are grateful for your help meeting our mission of assisting humans to live in harmony with wildlife. We are the only organization in Flagstaff whose sole focus, mission, and purpose is to support an environment where wildlife and people may co-­‐exist and thrive.

With your help, we can build a future for many generations where northern Arizona’s wildlife is protected and appreciated. We can work to minimize the impacts of human development on wildlife habitat. We can educate residents about the beautiful and intricate balance of our prairie and mountain ecosystems. Our role is crucial.

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Translocation: A Briefing for Developers in Gunnison Prairie Dog Habitat

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Prairie Dog Life

Click on the burrow images to find out more.

Nursing Chamber

A mother keeps her young pups safe while the other Prairie Dogs investigate the snake.

Entering the Burrow

A prairie dog hears an emergency cry of "snake" and goes to investigate.

Listening chamber

A prairie dog sits listening just beneath the surface of the ground.

The Rattlesnake

The rattlesnake found a prairie dog burrow to sleep in but has been discovered by the prairie dogs.

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