2016 HWY 89 & Copeland Ave. Translocation



In August 2016, a total of 50 prairie dogs were captured and translocated from the property at the corner of Highway 89 and Copeland Ave before the construction of the future Timberline Firearms and Training business and released into Petrified Forest National Park.

In addition to two full-time relocation staff members through Habitat Harmony, translocation labor was also provided by the capture site owners, Rob and Elise Wilson, Arizona Game & Fish Department staff and interns, and Petrified Forest National Park staff. Habitat Harmony is grateful to Second Chance Center for Animals and Coconino Veterinary Clinic for allowing us to borrow their pet kennels for this translocation effort. Volunteer Ruthanne Penn, and capture site property owner, Elise Wilson, provided transportation to the release site and assisted with releases. Several other Habitat Harmony board members and numerous volunteers assisted with weed whacking the capture site and helping pick up the traps, wash, and pack them at the end of the trapping effort.

2016 HH Translocation to PEFO photo by PEFO staff

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