2000 Translocation Project


In 2000 the City of Flagstaff expanded Foxglenn Park into a wildlife corridor used by many migrating wildlife and home to a large prairie dog colony. Prior to development the City agreed to a translocation project for the prairie dogs. This project was a joint effort between Arizona Game & Fish and Habitat Harmony Inc. and was the first transloction of Gunnison prairie dogs in northern Arizona. At the same time, Coconino County developed Peaks Park near Cromer School. Habitat Harmony and Game & Fish also translocated prairie dogs from the county location. Approximately 170 prairie dogs were translocated in this project. Many Habitat volunteers observed the prairie dogs to be sure they were translocated in family groups as well as helping to trap and release them.

View “Communicating with Creatures” below. This is a 14 minute film produced by Country Canada on CBC Television which chronicles the translocation process as well as explaining how prairie dogs “talk”.

Rebroadcast with permission from CBC TV, Habitat Harmony, Inc.