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SES Departmental Seminar with Erika M. Nowak, PhD


November 14, 2018
11:30 - 12:30
Physical Science (Building 19), Room 103, Northern Arizona University

Erika M. Nowak, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
School of Earth and Sustainability and Department of Biological Sciences

Collaborative and Student-led Research Assists Snake Conservation

nowak ses seminar 2018 11 14

Image courtesy of George Andrejko, Arizona Game and Fish Department

Snake conservation is inherently complicated by ophidiophobia; the fear of snakes. Due in part to the fear of defensive bites and/or envenomation, management of these important predators, particularly venomous species, is often based on human values and perceptions of decreasing snakebite risk, rather than firmly rooted in data on species’ behavior, ecology, and responses to translocation. Dr. Nowak is an expert in rattlesnake management and declining gartersnake conservation. In this presentation, she will provide an overview of her long-term collaborative research in improving management practices for rattlesnakes. She will also summarize current projects at Northern Arizona University examining the distribution, ecology, and captive husbandry of federally-threatened gartersnakes, summarizing the importance of student-led research in aiding species recovery. Throughout the talk, she will focus on the importance of addressing ophidiophobia to improve conservation outcomes for snakes.

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