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Habitat Harmony to Steward Foxglen Prairie Dog Colony


Habitat Harmony has agreed to be the Steward for the Prairie Dog Colony near the Humane Society in Foxglen Park. This site is part of Arizona Game & Fish’s Arizona Watchable Wildlife Experience.

This 7 ½ acre site is owned by the City of Flagstaff and is just west of the Humane Society. It was the site where Dr. Con Slobodchikoff studied prairie dogs, especially their language, for 13 years. Now it is on the Flagstaff Urban Trail and has interpretative signs that explain the lives and habits of prairie dogs in their prairie ecosystem.

As the Steward of the site, Habitat Harmony will

-Visit the site regularly and report any concerns or damage to the AWWE core planning team

-Share our ideas for improving the site for wildlife habitat and visitor enjoyment

-Help improve the web page description of the site, or add content

-Work to pursue funding to upgrade the site for wildlife habitat and visitor enjoyment

Watch for ways to be a good Steward for the Foxglen Prairie Dog Colony in 2012!