Education, Advocacy, Translocation, and Habitat Preservation


Our mission is to work toward a sustainable, healthy future for the native wildlife and natural habitats of northern Arizona.



A Letter to the Friends of Habitat Harmony


We are grateful for your help meeting our mission of assisting humans to live in harmony with wildlife. We are the only organization in Flagstaff whose sole focus, mission, and purpose is to support an environment where wildlife and people may co-­‐exist and thrive.

With your help, we can build a future for many generations where northern Arizona’s wildlife is protected and appreciated. We can work to minimize the impacts of human development on wildlife habitat. We can educate residents about the beautiful and intricate balance of our prairie and mountain ecosystems. Our role is crucial.

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Important Information and Downloads

Translocation: A Briefing for Developers in Gunnison Prairie Dog Habitat

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Habitat Harmony, Inc. is looking for individuals who would like to serve on our Board of Directors.

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