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Emily Renn



Emily (Nelson) Renn is the Executive Director for the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project, a non-profit organization working to return wolves to their historic range in the Grand Canyon region. She completed her M.S. degree at Northern Arizona University in Biology with a focus on wildlife conservation biology, and B.S. in Biology with emphasis in Fish and Wildlife Management. Her graduate research focused on the survival success of translocated Gunnison's prairie dogs in the Flagstaff area, and she continues to coordinate prairie dog translocations for colonies threatened by development or destruction with Habitat Harmony. Over the past 14 years, Emily has worked as a field biological technician, researcher, and environmental educator with many species of mammals and birds in northern Arizona. She started as a volunteer with Habitat Harmony, Inc. in 2003 during the Flagstaff Mall's expansion site prairie dog relocation. Emily strongly supports Habitat Harmony's role in being an advocate and providing a voice to the "under dogs" of our wildlife neighbors.