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Dr. Erika Nowak



Secretary - Dr. Erika Nowak earned a B.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell University in 1991, a M.S. in Biology from Northern Arizona University in 1998, examining the effects and effectiveness of rattlesnake relocation, and a Ph.D. in Biology from NAU in 2009, on the ecological roles and management responses of venomous predators in national parks.

Erika currently works in Flagstaff, Arizona as a Herpetologist at the USGS Colorado Plateau Research Station and part-time lecturer at Northern Arizona University. Erika is known for her work with declining garter snakes and for her safe rattlesnake handling trainings for state, federal, and local agencies and private groups, which encourage safe and humane handling and management of venomous snakes. Erika is passionate about using the results of scientific research to teach people to live in harmony with venomous predators and other wildlife.